Seattle Galvanizing has been proudly serving fabricators and contractors throughout the State of Washington and the greater Pacific Northwest area, including Hawaii and Alaska, for over 60 years.
The Largest Galvanizer in the Pacific Northwest!



At 45′ x 6′ x 9′, our giant galvanizing kettle can handle even the largest of jobs.

Quality. Environmentally Friendly.

We use only the purest (SHG) special high grade zinc in our galvanizing process.


With our years of experience in the galvanizing industry, we have a good understanding of what it takes to provide quality and detail-oriented service to our customers.

Flexible possibilities

Large Kettle

We have the largest kettle in the Pacific Northwest, with a whopping size of 45’long x 6’wide x 9’deep. Oversized frames or assemblies can be successfully galvanized when the designer and galvanizer can coordinate the design parameters in advance of fabrication. Our overhead lifting capacity is 30 tons with numerous forklifts for anything in between.

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Environmentally Friendly


Our commitment to quality galvanizing also extends to our passion for a cleaner and safer environment, thus we use only the purest special high grade (SHG) zinc in our galvanizing process. This zinc is 99.995% pure and contains absolutely no lead.

The health and safety of the environment is a core value and guiding principle at Seattle Galvanizing, and we are committed to driving innovation and becoming the industry standard. We believe that environmental health and safety is vital to the future and affects everything that we do.

This is why we continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology like our StormwateRx Aquip system. With this system, we are able to capture and remove any pollutants and particulates (such as heavy metals and targeted metals, like zinc and copper).

Our baghouse filtration system captures and controls any fumes generated when a flux-covered piece of steel is dipped into the molten zinc for galvanizing.

Leader in Galvanizing

Seattle Galvanizing Company has been proudly serving fabricators and contractors throughout the Pacific Northwest (including Washington state, neighboring states, and Hawaii and Alaska) since 1962. We would like to welcome you to our new state-of-the-art facilities, where we bring modern innovation and quality expertise together to provide top grade corrosion prevention. 

About Us

Since 1962, Seattle Galvanizing Company has provided superior quality and service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and technological advancements have made us an innovative leader in hot-dip galvanizing. We provide corrosion protection for steel by metallurgically bonding zinc with bare steel. This hot-dip galvanizing technique provides a superior coating of zinc for premium rust protection.

We have the capacity to process over 50,000 tons every year.

Not only do we have the largest galvanizing kettle in the Pacific Northwest and 60 years of experience, but we also have the material handling equipment, the lifting capabilities, the stabilized storage space, and the transportation services to make us your best, full service galvanizing option.

We look forward to helping you with your galvanizing needs!