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One stop shop for all your galvanizing needs

As of Summer of 2024, Seattle Galvanizing Company will be offering spin line galvanizing solutions to our customers. Making us a truly one stop shop for all your galvanizing needs.

Spin galvanizing is a hot-dip procedure that immerses small to medium-sized components in molten zinc using a centrifuge attached to a galvanizing kettle (or a spinner situated above it). While the centrifuge or spinner eliminates extra molten zinc to ensure coating uniformity, quality fit, and precise functionality, a firmly bonded alloy coating forms on the steel, protecting it from the corrosive impacts of the environment over the long term. Numerous small to medium-sized components, such as thread rods, nut blanks, guardrail bolts, anchor bolts, washers, turnbuckles, and wheels, undergo the spin galvanizing process. The method provides superior corrosion protection and a smooth, consistent coating!

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What benefits does spin galvanizing offer?

It is remarkable that a zinc coating thinner than a sheet of printer paper can protect a small component for at least a century. The zinc coating on galvanized items is just 30 to 70 microns (millionths of a meter) thick. This exceedingly thin layer of zinc gives the component the same lovely finished as bigger galvanized parts while protecting it from rust and oxidation caused by weather and pollution. Spin galvanizing provides several advantages over alternative processes for galvanizing tiny items.

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Advantages of spin galvanizing?

Among the advantages of spin galvanizing for small items are:

  • Comprehensive and uniform coverage. The edges, corners, threads, interior and exterior of the component are coated with a uniform layer of zinc.
  • Spin galvanizing provides components with superior fit. Depending on the diameter of the item, spin galvanizing generates a zinc coating of 1.7 to 3.4 mils thick that is impenetrable to corrosion (43 to 86 microns). Components are interchangeable. They have a predictable application. They will not be the weakest link in your maintenance plan.
  • Spin galvanizing generates substantial bond strength. The galvanized coating can withstand 3600 psi of pressure (24.82 mPa).
  • No harm is caused to spin-galvanized fasteners during tightening. The zinc-iron alloy layers that grow on the part’s surface are tougher than the steel beneath.
  • Spin-galvanized components can withstand temperatures ranging from the antarctic to up to 392° F (200° C) in processing plants.
  • Field maintenance is rarely required, regardless of the weather. The performance of spin-galvanized components is unaffected by severe weather and pollutants.
  • Spin-galvanized components are appropriate for use with treated wood.

The maintenance interval is measured in decades, not years. The cost reductions generated by spin galvanizing are passed on to you. Hot dip galvanizing provides excellent corrosion protection for nuts and bolts, however the dipping process results in a product with an unexpected diameter. Spin galvanizing allows nuts and bolts to be threaded prior to galvanization with the knowledge that they will fit in the final assembly. Spin galvanizing makes the process of galvanizing components simpler. No noses or runners are required to maintain a constant level of molten zinc in the vat or to shield pieces from the dross that can rise to the surface of a pool of molten zinc. Spin galvanized tiny components, like all steel galvanized to ASTM criteria, are exceptionally durable.

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Quality You Can Rely On

On Smaller components can play a significant role in sustaining the integrity and long-term functionality of a structure. We have mastered the spin/centrifuge technique, which results in superior galvanizing of small parts, fasteners, nails, staples, and structural components.

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