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Local Deliveries for Washington State

Traveling through the vast landscapes of Washington State, our fleet is well-equipped to meet your transportation needs. Ranging from semis to trailers, we ensure that your products reach their destination safe and sound.

Transportation Service


  • Peterbilt Semis: 2 units with a GVW of 105,500 each
  • Kenworth Semi: 1 unit with a GVW of 80,000


  • 53’ Heavy Hauler Trailers: 2 units
  • 53’ Flatbed Trailers: 2 units
  • 48’ Flatbed Trailer
  • 48’ Drop Deck Trailer

Straight Truck

  • 26’ Mack Straight Truck: 1 unit
Transportation Service

Beyond Borders: Out of State & International

For our valued clients beyond Washington, fret not! Our seasoned team is adept at coordinating shipping services to ensure your products are transported efficiently, whether it’s to another state or across international borders.

Transportation Service

One-Stop Shop for Galvanizing Services

From treating your metals to ensuring they reach you or your customer in impeccable condition, we pride ourselves in being your comprehensive solution for all galvanizing needs. Entrust us with your requirements, and we’ll make sure we exceed your expectations.

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