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Ivan joined Seattle Galvanizing in 2021 through a temp agency, initially starting as a Material Handler. Demonstrating exceptional dedication, he rapidly advanced to become a Lead. His journey is marked by a strong work ethic, keen learning from colleagues, and effectively incorporating feedback. Ivan's proactive approach in mastering the industry and showing a genuine interest in personal growth and development makes him a valuable asset. His future within the company, as it continues to grow, is highly anticipated.

Favorite Part of Job

My favorite aspect of the job is operating the forklift, especially when being challenged by loading large material.

Advice for New Employees

Prioritize safety and maintain constant awareness of your surroundings, particularly as we handle heavy steel.

Favorite Sport


Favorite Team

I don't have a specific favorite team. I find enjoyment in watching all teams play.

Hobbies Outside of Work

I dedicate my leisure time to maintaining and caring for my yard.

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Ivan Garduno