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Extensive Space for Your Storage Needs

At Seattle Galvanizing Company, we pride ourselves on offering not just premium galvanizing services, but also comprehensive solutions tailored to your operational needs. Recognizing the diverse storage requirements of our clientele, we have allocated over 9 acres of laydown yard space, dedicated exclusively to storage.

  • Versatile Storage Solutions: Our vast expanse can house both your raw materials and finished goods with utmost care and security, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for months.
  • Local and Beyond: While our storage service is open to all our cherished customers, it carries a special significance for those located out of state. By using our laydown yards, you can:
  • Minimize Time: With your goods stored closer to the processing location, you can reduce transportation time and expedite your projects.
  • Maximize Shop Space: Offloading storage to our facilities means you can optimize your own space for increased production. Let us handle the storage so you can focus on what you do best — fabricating!
Storage Service

Your Extended Yard in Washington

Think of our storage yards as an extension of your own workshop. Convenient, secure, and designed to help you operate with greater efficiency.

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