Our Commitment to
Minimal Environmental Impact

Zinc Quality

Only the purest (SHG) special high grade zinc is used in our galvanizing process.  This zinc is 99.995% pure and contains NO LEAD.

Sulfuric Acid Recovery

This recovery/recycle system removes iron from the pickle liquor and returns clean acid to the pickle baths.  This process sends the pickle liquor to 55 degrees and as the temperature approaches, ferrous sulfate hepta-hydrate crystals begin to form.  The cooled acid then enters specially designed conical tank where the iron crystals formed in the cooling stage precipitate and settle to the bottom of the tank.  The remaining acid is returned to the pickling tanks for reuse.

 A ferrous sulfate hepta-hydrate crystal falls into a receptacle and is recycled.  It is commonly used in the animal feedstock and waste water municipality industries.  See diagram of the acid recovery process.