General Labor

Reports To: Clean-up Lead/Plant Manager

Summary of Position: Seattle Galvanizing Company, Inc. is seeking a motivated and talented individuals for our new state of the art galvanizing plant in Arlington, WA.

– Un-rack galvanized materials
– Count, mark, tag to identify parts, customers and job numbers
– Clean galvanized products using hand files, grinders, wire brushes, etc.
– Remove sharp edges, excess galvanizing, by hand or with tools
– Tap nuts inside and outside of hollow structure
– Lift parts manually or with forklifts, pallet jacks, etc.
– Identify voids in galvanized coatings and repair using hot sticks, brush on paint, aerosol paints, liquid zinc, torches, etc.
– Stack and/or palletize parts using pallets, dunnage, shrink wrap and banding materials
– Weigh completed poles and/or parts
– Wear appropriate protective equipment and follow all safety rules and regulations
– Proper area housekeeping duties
– Learn and use proper lifting techniques at all times
– Getting to work on time

– Must be able to work in an outside manufacturing (steel galvanizing) environment under immediate supervision, for long shift periods
– Must be able to perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials
– Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds

Educational Requirements:
– High School Diploma or GED Equivalent

Preferred Shift:
– Days and nights, rotating shifts and some weekends

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:
– High school or equivalent